The Village of Warfield receives federal Gas Tax Fund contribution for an Integrated Official Community Plan

Developing an Integrated Official Community Plan (IOCP) is essentially undertaking two processes in one: the development of a long-term integrated community sustainability plan and an OCP update. The development of an IOCP includes the articulation of a long-term vision for the community, and specific, outcome-oriented goals that describe where the community wants to be in 25-30 years. These goals will incorporate economic, social and environmental considerations and will guide the development of OCP policies that will help to achieve The Village of Warfield’s long-term vision.

An IOCP advisory Committee will be created to guide the process, involving citizens from the community, Village staff and Council.

Quick Facts

  • The Integrated Official Community Plan is receiving $77,138 from the federal Gas Tax Fund.
  • The total estimated cost of this project is $77,138.
  • This project is one of the 57 projects that are being funded through the Strategic Priorities Fund under the Federal Gas Tax Fund for 2016.
  • The Union of BC Municipalities administers the Federal Gas Tax Fund in British Columbia in partnership with the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia.
  • Each year, the Government of Canada provides over $253 million in indexed funding for local government infrastructure projects across British Columbia through the federal Gas Tax Fund. The funding can be spent on any eligible project the community prioritizes across a broad range of eligible project categories, or it can be pooled with other communities for regional projects, banked for later priorities or used to pay for financed projects.


In June of 2015 Village of Warfield staff and Council held a Strategic Planning Session with the CB Strategic Leadership Group. During that time one of the 5 strategic priorities identified for the village was the creation of an OCP or Official Community Plan. Building a plan of this type requires the contracting of consultants who are experts in the field of creating a long term OCP. Thanks to the funding provided by the Strategic Priorities Fund the Village of Warfield was able to secure these resources at no cost to the village. Having this plan in place will enable this government and future governments to make decisions that affect our community based on a long term plan.

Mayor Ted Pahl – Village of Warfield

Media Release – Warfield Receives Federal Gas Tax Fund Contribution February 12, 2016

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