Village of Warfield -Declaration of Candidates 2018

I, Jody-Lynn Cox, Chief Election Officer for the Village of Warfield, do hereby declare, pursuant to section 97 of the Local Government Act [section 46 of the Vancouver Charter], the following persons as candidates in the 2018 General Local Election:

Candidates for the office of Mayor:
Diane Langman, 780 Tennyson Avenue, Warfield, B.C.
Thomas Milne, 661 Forrest Drive, Warfield, B.C.

Candidates for the offices of Councillor:
Jaimie Gage, 515 French Street, Warfield, B.C.
Jim Hill, 160 Oxford Road, Warfield, B.C.
Raymond Masleck, 375 Murray Drive, Warfield, B.C.
Arlene Parkinson, 790 Shakespeare Street, Warfield, B.C.
Cyra Yunkws, 193 Wellington Avenue, Warfield, B.C.

Given under my hand at Warfield, British Columbia, this 14th day of September 2018.

Jody-Lynn Cox – Chief Election Officer


Village of Warfield Declaration of Candidates – 2018

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