Village of Warfield Municipal Sustainability Study

Municipal Sustainability Advisory Committee – Request for Expressions of Interest


The Village of Warfield is seeking expressions of interest from residents in the Village who are interested in sitting on a Municipal Sustainability Advisory Committee.  Appointed members will work with Council, staff, and a consultant as part of reviewing the long-term sustainability of the Village of Warfield.

Committee Composition and Appointments

The Committee will consist of between five (5) and seven (7) members, who are residents or property owners in the Village of Warfield.  In addition, Council has appointed two (2) members of Council to sit on the Committee.  An external consultant will lead the study with support provided by Village staff.


Council identified the issue of Local Government Sustainability as part of a strategic plan that was approved in September of 2023.  Following the approval of Council’s strategic plan, several members of Council met with the Minister of Municipal Affairs and explained the issue as part of seeking the Ministry’s support to proceed and address the strategic priority identified.

The Ministry subsequently worked with Village staff to finalize terms of reference and also agreed to provide funding for the work to be undertaken.  Council, at their regular meeting held on April 15, 2024 approved the terms of reference, appointed the consultant and appointed Councillor Masleck and Noone to sit on the committee.  Mayor Marino will participate in an ex-officio capacity.

In recognition of the issues to be addressed and the importance of the work to be undertaken, it was determined that establishing a committee, comprised of residents and Council to lead the work was the most appropriate way of proceeding.

Scope of Assignment

With guidance and funding support from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, the Village will undertake a study as described in the Terms of Reference, which will guide the work of a lead consultant, who will work closely with the Committee.

A Final Report with recommendations will be presented to Warfield Council.  Council will assess the recommendations and then make decisions further to addressing the findings and determining what further steps or measures should be taken.

Council has retained Allan Neilson of Neilson Strategies Inc. as the consultant.


Council is seeking to appoint a diverse committee of individuals who have a direct interest in the Village, are passionate, committed to seeing the process through to the end, and have an interest in not only understanding the current issues and challenges the Village is facing but then taking the information and providing important input that will ultimately influence the future direction that Council decides to take.

In addition to participating in Committee meetings, an important part of the Study will involve the engagement of the community.  Committee members should be willing to participate in public engagement meetings and discuss issues and provide information to residents.  Ensuring that the community at large understands the issues and is provided the opportunity to provide feedback as part of a formal public engagement process to be undertaken will be critically important.

Time Commitment

Committee members should be willing to commit ten (10) months, within the following framework:

  • Up to five (5), two and one-half hour (2.5) in-person/virtual committee meetings
  • Up to two (2) hours prior to each meeting to review the agenda package and associated reports
  • Additional time to attend any open houses as part of public engagement phase of the study.

Committee members will be volunteers and there will be no compensation provided.

How to Apply

The Village is seeking expressions of interest from individuals by submitting an email to that indicates why you are interested in sitting on the committee and providing a brief background of any specific technical training and experience as it relates to this work of the committee no later than May 31, 2024.