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Warfield Food Advisory Committee

The Warfield Food Advisory Committee is a volunteer group that is working towards meeting the goals of the Warfield Food Charter, specifically that all members of our community will have access to enough nutritious, affordable, safe, ecologically sustainable, and culturally appropriate food at all times. To view the Food Charter, click on the link on the right. (Please add the link to the side menu).

Current members of the committee are:

  • Chair: Carolyn Amantea
  • Vice-Chair: Roberta Pasquali
  • Secretary: Open
  • Events: Rosemary Unger
  • Marketing: Charlie Murdoch
  • Workshops: Open
  • Volunteers: Open
  • Other directors: Jenny Dueck, Tara Stark, Heather Anderson
  • Coordinator: Deb Penner

If you have questions about WFAC or would like to volunteer, please contact Deb at 204-441-2994 or email sustainablewarfield@gmail.com.

WFAC’s plans for 2022 include:

  1. A Seed and Seedling Swap, May 7. Click the link on the right for information. (I’ve attached the document)
  2. Placement of 10 raised bed planters featuring a variety of vegetables for the community to harvest. The locations will be at the Annabel bus turnaround, the pool, the Community Hall, Scott St. park, and French St. park.
  3. Workshops
  4. A Harvest Rescue event to share food.

To stay up to date on our activities, just follow us on Facebook @warfieldfoodadvisorycommittee or check back to this web page.

Header photo by Tom Brunberg on Unsplash