The Village of Warfield Gifting Programs

Village of Warfield Gifting Programs

Warfield Community Endowment Fund

The objective of the Fund is to benefit the citizens of the Village of Warfield. The Fund is meant to be broad and inclusive, giving the Trustees of the Fund the flexibility to consider supporting individuals or groups in the Village of Warfield. The objective is to promote health, education, recreation, social or other community development including relief of hardship or disaster.

The Trustees are required to provide an annual financial report respecting the Fund to the Village. That report is attached to the Village of Warfield’s annual audited financial statements.

Anyone interested in contributing to the Warfield Community Endowment Fund is invited to contact one of the Trustees or the Village Office, to get more information on the Fund.

Trustees: Mr. Thorpe Watson, Mr. Jim Nelson, Mr. Laurie Pettijohn.

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