The Village of Warfield Permits & Licenses Information

Village of Warfield Permits And Licenses

Warfield Building Permits and Inspections

The Village of Warfield’s Building inspection service is contracted to the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary. Building permits are required for the construction of new structures as well as for the demolition, moving, renovation, modification or replacement of existing buildings or structures. If you construct without a permit you may encounter problems later. Building permits are required before construction. For more information regarding building bylaw requirements please contact the Village of Warfield Office.

Board of Variance

The Board of Variance is an appeal body that considers variance requests to the Zoning Bylaw. A completed Variance Application Form should be submitted to the Village of Warfield Office.

Warfield Business Licences

The Village of Warfield requires every person carrying on, maintaining, owning or operating a business within the Village of Warfield, any calling, profession, business, trade, occupation, undertaking or thing to hold a valid business licence. Municipal approval of a business activity is required for the protection and safety of the public and employees.

Requirements of all levels of government must first be resolved. Without confirmation that the proposed use is permitted, or without an assessment of the costs of compliance of meeting health and safety requirements, a commitment to enter into a leasing arrangement/property purchase would be financially imprudent.

Before purchasing a property or signing a lease for business purposes you should ensure:

  1. That zoning permits the occupation of the premises for the type of business proposed.
  2. That you become aware of the different requirements under the Zoning Bylaw for uses such as retail, office, restaurants etc…
  3. That you understand each space in a building has its own specific approved use and this may not be changed without approval and /or permit.

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