Village of Warfield Public Safety

Public Safety

With climate change the world is reacting with unprecedented floods, wildfires, record heatwaves, and other inclement weather.  A record shattering 2.84 million hectares of BC’s forests burned in 2023 alone. Wildfires are predicted to continue to break records until the forests can no longer support a fire of that magnitude.  -It’s not if a disaster will occur . . . it’s when. 

The Village of Warfield encourages all residents to have an emergency plan. Conditions can change quickly, and there is not always time to pack up necessities and contact family members at home, school and work to discuss a meeting place. The time to start preparing for a disaster is before it occurs. Being prepared and knowing where to find current local information and evacuation alerts can be crucial when minutes matter. The following resources can get you started.

Emergency Alerts and Preparedness

RDKB Emergency Operations for current emergency alerts, evacuation alerts and orders, wildfire conditions, freshet conditions, and emergency preparedness information.

Business Disaster Action Plan for business continuity and personal planning, local resources, provincial dashboards and resources, and the South Kootenay regional Economic Resiliency Action Plan.

Emergency Info BC for emergency alerts and evacuation orders

Interactive Wildfire Map for information on wildfires in BC

Flood Warning & Advisory Map for information on flooding in BC